Don't Hire Stupid People

You read about companies, celebrities, and politicians making social media gaffes daily. Don't be them.

Make “regrams” part of your social media strategy

When you see a photo on Instagram, do you ever want to “share” it, like folks do on Facebook? It’s not hard to make that happen. Photo Repost is avaiable in the Google Play Store There are a number of apps available for both Android and iOS that allow sharing of Instagram images. These apps allow you to “share.” My… Read more →

How @theadvocateno could show attribution when they use Instagram images

All around the country, a “mystery diner” has been going around leaving huge tips at restaurants. The tips are documented on the “TipsForJesus” account on Instagram. The man behind the account is rumored to be former PayPal executive Jack Selby. That makes sense, he could afford to do it. “Tips for Jesus” hit New Orleans last week, leaving a $10K… Read more →

Falling into the word-of-mouth trap

  YatMedia’s fallen into the trap of getting enough business via word-of-mouth that we’ve let the website go to seed. It’s time to re-plough this field and plant it with new thoughts, perspectives, and make the case for why you should hire us for your social media and website projects. Stick around! Read more →