Facebook Strategies are critical for your business. It’s the dominant force, whether you like it or not

facebook strategies
You may hate Facebook, but you can’t hide from it.

Facebook Strategies

Yatmedia has some things we’d like you to consider about your social media presence. We offer you a few things about the various platforms. Because Facebook is the dominant force in the game at the moment, we start here. Because Facebook isn’t the only platform, we’ll work through this process for others as well. Therefore, after Facebook, we’ll look at Instagram, Twitter, and other potential connection points.


So, the format of this series isn’t keyword-speak. We’ll use the reporter’s model: Who, What, When, Where, Why, How.

  • Who – Who are you on social media? Are you an individual? Is your business presence primary?
  • What – What do you post on Social Media? Is your focus personal, family, fun? Do you talk mostly business? What is the proper mix for you and your company?
  • When – Timing is everything. Do you participate on social media at specific times of the day? Are you online at the most effective times?
  • Where – What platforms do you use? Should you expand your social media footprint?
  • Why – What’s the deal? Why are you on social media? Is this working for your business?
  • How – How can you make your valuable time more productive with respect to social media?

Reflection and Planning

Because your business is unique, we aren’t offering specific advice in this series. We want you to set a baseline. This is where you are, going into 2018. You’ll examine things moving into January. We offer specific areas for examination. You decide your focus.

Can’t decide? Need more help? We like talking to folks about their approach to social media. We’re good at Facebook. So, let’s talk at any point in this process. Give us feedback on the presentations. Get in touch for a free consultation.